Current and Former Ruddle Clients
  • AAG Property Improvement
  • Abbott, Stringham & Lynch CPAs
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Alexian Brothers Hospital (now Regional Medical Center)
  • All Stars Helping Kids
  • Amati Corporation
  • American Technical
  • American Peptide
  • Annual Reviews
  • Answer Systems Software
  • Applied Materials
  • ARIS
  • Arts Reach
  • The Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO)
  • AT&T
  • The Auto Clinic
  • The Bank Marketing Association
  • The Best Western Seven Seas
  • The Biltmore Hotel (Santa Clara)
  • Blackstone Hathaway
  • Bread of Life Food Store
  • The Bristol Hotel San Diego
  • Businesses United for Students (BUS)
  • Cal-Hellas
  • Calpine Energy Corp.
  • Camino Healthcare Foundation
  • Camino Medical Group
  • The Campbell Inn
  • Cardiff Hotels
  • Center for International Trade Development
  • Changeworks Consulting
  • Child Development Centers
  • The Chorus of Westerley
  • CHW-Bay Area
  • CHW-O'Connor Hospital
  • Cisco Systems
  • Coherent Medical Equipment
  • Comerica Bank-California
  • Community Services Agency of Mountain View, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills
  • Computer Curriculum Corporation
  • Concise Contact Lens
  • Cozart HR Consulting
  • The Creekside Inn
  • Crippled Children's Society
  • Critchfield Mechanical
  • Cupertino Electric
  • DanWire
  • Deer Valley Center
  • DESIGNet
  • Devcon Construction
  • The Diabetes Society
  • DICAR Networks
  • DJA Construction
  • East Hills Elementary School
  • Elcon
  • Elma Electronics
  • Emmanuel Equipment
  • Enterpise Investments
  • EquiCo
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites
  • First Capital Bank
  • First Unitarian Church of San Jose
  • Frannet
  • Fremont Symphony
  • Frontier Bank
  • Garden Court Hotel
  • Girl Scouts of Santa Clara County
  • GMG Distributors
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Greystone Hotels
  • The Harker School
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • The Hotel Griffon
  • HP Credit Union
  • HRMS Group
  • The Humane Society of Santa Clara County
  • Huntington Labs
  • ICOT
  • The Inn at Union Square
  • Jan-Pro Janitorial
  • JDA Healthcare Consulting
  • JDR Computers
  • The King George Hotel
  • KLA-Tencor
  • LAM Research
  • LeBoulanger Bakeries
  • Lennar Homes
  • Marcus & Millichap
  • Marketshare Builder's Signage
  • McCutchan Mailing
  • MCD/Kencom
  • Mecon Medical Consulting
  • Menlo Park, City of
  • Multimedia Training
  • National Conference of Christians and Jews
  • Nationwide Floor & Window
  • Navica
  • NOA Oncology Consulting
  • Nonprofit Development Center
  • NOVA Career Counseling
  • Oncology Metrics
  • Oncology Therapeutics Network (OTN)
  • Open Heart Kitchen
  • Open Solutions Alliance
  • OW2 Software Association
  • Palo Alto Medical Center
  • Photronics
  • Professional Coaches and Mentors Association (PCMA)
  • The Pruneyard Inn
  • Quadbase Software
  • Quail Hollow Elementary School
  • Quick Logic
  • Restaurant Hotel Research
  • Rockwell Federal Credit Union
  • Ross Stores
  • Rudolph & Sletten Construction
  • San Disk
  • San Jose First Methodist Church
  • San Jose Medical Center
  • San Jose Printing & Mailing
  • San Jose Repertory Theatre
  • San Jose Sports Hall of Fame
  • San Jose State Alumni Association
  • San Jose Symphony Orchestra
  • The Santa Clara County Hotel Association
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties
  • Selectron Manufacturing
  • SEMI
  • Silicon Valley ESD Society
  • Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center
  • SJ Amoroso Construction
  • SMART Memory Systems
  • Sonitrol Security
  • Spaulding Communications
  • St. Matthew's Music Guild
  • Sub-Acute Hospital
  • Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce
  • Sunnyvale Medical Center
  • Sunnyvale Town Center
  • TAB Products
  • Tabard Theatre Company
  • Take Charge Financial
  • Third Street Community Center
  • The Vacation Store
  • The Warwick Regis Hotel
  • WBE Electric
  • Western Micro Technology
  • Wintle & Kane
  • Xilinx
  • Zenex

See case studies below.

Free Resources

Through relationships with the Association of California Symphony Orchestras, Arts Reach, the Association of Fundraising Professional, the Nonprofit Development Center and the National Dinner Theatre Association, Henry Ruddle has consulted with and presented to thousands of arts organizations and other nonprofit organizations. He has been published dozens of times in arts marketing journals and currently produces a series of Expert Eye for the Marketing Guy (or Gal) webinars for Arts Reach.

Some of this material is available on his arts marketing blog at:

Henry also produces an e-mail newsletter for arts marketers called Arty Face, in which he discusses a principle of good design, copywriting or marketing, and then illustrates it with a good ("smiley") example, a bad ("frowny") example, and a third amazingly good or astoundingly bad example he calls a "wowza." You can subscribe for free at, his arts marketing blog.

For more information or to start work, email Henry or call us at 1-408-600-2687.

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What Arts Organizations Say About Henry Ruddle:

"Wow! Thanks for the detailed feedback. This is very helpful, and I’m going to pass it along to my graphic designers as we prepare to do next year’s brochure. You really are the Go To Guy for detailed analysis of collateral."

--Erik Curren, Director of Marketing, American Shakespeare Center

"Thought you'd like to see the brochure for our new season. The response has been overwhelming: 91% of last year's subscribers renewed! 125 new subscribers."

--Rick Schiller, Executive Director, Angelina Arts Alliance

"Thanks for your interest and expertise. My Board and I are very excited about the direction you're taking us."

--Ray SolleyExecutive Director, Torrance Cultural Arts Center Foundation

"Your advice was so helpful! Thank you. We will definitely implement your suggestions the next time we print our brochures."

Elizabeth HalverstamExecutive Director, Arts Horizons

"At first I thought it was going to be difficult to read what someone 'from the outside' had to say... In the long run, I am pleased to have a different and outside account of the process, which served (and will continue to serve) as a tool for us to refine our process and improve this weak area within our organization."

--Emma Palzere-Rae, Executive Director, Chorus of Westerley

"I want you to see how far we've come... and the impact of your input on us, both in your presentation, as well as the one-on-one consultation we were fortunate to share with you. We found your advice about our brochures to be most helpful. We were able to communicate your ideas to our designer and create marketing pieces that reflect our museum more positively."

--Gwen Young, Director of Marketing, Midway Village & Museum Center

Case Studies

Free Sample: View an actual webinar demonstrating the Ruddle Creative
"Expert Eye" service. (Produced by Henry Ruddle for Arts Reach.)

Case Study - Music at Saint Matthews Website

BEFORE: Too dark, not enough empathy and too many buttons.

The designer for the music guild tried to connect the artform to real people by using close-up snapshots of players' hands. Each image represents a section of the orchestra. Sadly, it doesn't work because almost of the social instincts we humans share are keyed to faces and facial expressions. Hands can convey body language if they are moving, but otherwise don't speak to our emotions.

AFTER: New branding, lots of people, few buttons and a bright, clean look.

Case Study - Midway Village Museum Center Brochure System

BEFORE: Do these brochures really come from the same place?

When I met with Gwen and Jessica from Midway Village, the first order of business was to address the startling variety of brand images put forth by their brochures. The old brochures were also a little bit intimidating and hard-to-comprehend for a newcomer. In the primary brochure at left, the next thing readers see after "Midway Village" is "Rockford, Illinois." Midway Village ... is this a housing development? A shopping center? It takes a dedicated reader to scan all the way to the bottom to see "Museum Center," although that still doesn't make it clear that this is a "living history museum."

AFTER: Yes, I know what this is now!

No doubt about it, these brochures come from the same place, which is clearly a living history museum with beautiful grounds and a lot of activity. I'm excited. I have no reason to care about Rockford, Illinois, but I just might visit this place just to check it out.

Case Study - Chorus of Westerley Season Brochure

BEFORE: Marketing Committee Likes Doing Things as it Always Has

At left, the style of season brochure used by the Chorus of Westerley in 2005-2006 and for several years prior. The new Executive Director wanted help because subscriptions were healthy but stagnant. Westerley is a small coastal resort town but was not reaching the tourist trade.

AFTER: Orientation Changed, Copy/Organization Improved, but Cover Trouble

The old brochure was incomprehensible to anyone who didn't live in Westerley, so we had two pieces of advice for the cover of the brochure: 1) Put the name of the organization prominently at the top, and 2) Use one or more photos to convey visually that the brochure was about classical choral singing involving adults and children. If a tourist or new resident saw the brochure in a literature rack, they would immediately know what it was about. Unfortunately, the board's marketing committee was used to doing things its way, and instead of using the cover we suggested (left), it insisted on the cover at right.

POST SCRIPT: Marketing Committee Out, Good Communication In

After another consultation with Henry Ruddle, it became clear to the Chorus' president and executive director that the marketing committee's direction of the 2006-2007 season brochure was such a disaster that the entire process would have to be revamped.

With the marketing committee no longer involved in artistic decisions, the executive director was able to implement the intended direction for 2006-2007 with the materials for the 2007-2008 season, resulting in the brochure cover at right. The chorus' name is at the top (though not as prominent as we would like), and the collage of photos clearly shows a conductor and string instruments (classical music), along with adults and children singing.

Case Study - Torrance Center for Performing Arts Newsletter

BEFORE: Applause newsletter unfocused and stagnant

AFTER: Applause earns the applause of executive director and board

Although connected to a performing arts center, Applause is produced by the Torrance Cultural Arts Center Foundation, which does not have the same communications mission as the Center itself. Readers of Applause do not need a "sneak peak" at the upcoming season or features on performers because it gets that information elsewhere. Readers of a Foundation newsletter expect to find out how their donations are being used and why they should continue to support it. Also, the stagnant two-column format offered no focal point other than the clumsy nameplate at top, leaving readers without a clue as to where to start and how to tell one thing from another.

The new format focuses both visually and with content choices on the donors to the Foundation. The photos in the nameplate represent various demographic groups within the support base, as well as those served by the Foundation. There are still a few highlights of the upcoming season, but they are listed primarily to connect the Foundation with the Center and add a little bit of celebrity glitter. Now that there is a clear focal point (the photo of the four people standing) and a clear hierarchy, the mission and audience of the Foundation take center stage, while the newsletter still makes visual and textual reference to the resource which the Foundation serves.