Current and Former Ruddle Clients
  • AAG Property Improvement
  • Abbott, Stringham & Lynch CPAs
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Alexian Brothers Hospital (now Regional Medical Center)
  • All Stars Helping Kids
  • Amati Corporation
  • American Technical
  • American Peptide
  • Annual Reviews
  • Answer Systems Software
  • Applied Materials
  • ARIS
  • Arts Reach
  • The Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO)
  • AT&T
  • The Auto Clinic
  • The Bank Marketing Association
  • The Best Western Seven Seas
  • The Biltmore Hotel (Santa Clara)
  • Blackstone Hathaway
  • Bread of Life Food Store
  • The Bristol Hotel San Diego
  • Businesses United for Students (BUS)
  • Cal-Hellas
  • Calpine Energy Corp.
  • Camino Healthcare Foundation
  • Camino Medical Group
  • The Campbell Inn
  • Cardiff Hotels
  • Center for International Trade Development
  • Changeworks Consulting
  • Child Development Centers
  • The Chorus of Westerley
  • CHW-Bay Area
  • CHW-O'Connor Hospital
  • Cisco Systems
  • Coherent Medical Equipment
  • Comerica Bank-California
  • Community Services Agency of Mountain View, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills
  • Computer Curriculum Corporation
  • Concise Contact Lens
  • Cozart HR Consulting
  • The Creekside Inn
  • Crippled Children's Society
  • Critchfield Mechanical
  • Cupertino Electric
  • DanWire
  • Deer Valley Center
  • DESIGNet
  • Devcon Construction
  • The Diabetes Society
  • DICAR Networks
  • DJA Construction
  • East Hills Elementary School
  • Elcon
  • Elma Electronics
  • Emmanuel Equipment
  • Enterpise Investments
  • EquiCo
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites
  • First Capital Bank
  • First Unitarian Church of San Jose
  • Frannet
  • Fremont Symphony
  • Frontier Bank
  • Garden Court Hotel
  • Girl Scouts of Santa Clara County
  • GMG Distributors
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Greystone Hotels
  • The Harker School
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • The Hotel Griffon
  • HP Credit Union
  • HRMS Group
  • The Humane Society of Santa Clara County
  • Huntington Labs
  • ICOT
  • The Inn at Union Square
  • Jan-Pro Janitorial
  • JDA Healthcare Consulting
  • JDR Computers
  • The King George Hotel
  • KLA-Tencor
  • LAM Research
  • LeBoulanger Bakeries
  • Lennar Homes
  • Marcus & Millichap
  • Marketshare Builder's Signage
  • McCutchan Mailing
  • MCD/Kencom
  • Mecon Medical Consulting
  • Menlo Park, City of
  • Multimedia Training
  • National Conference of Christians and Jews
  • Nationwide Floor & Window
  • Navica
  • NOA Oncology Consulting
  • Nonprofit Development Center
  • NOVA Career Counseling
  • Oncology Metrics
  • Oncology Therapeutics Network (OTN)
  • Open Heart Kitchen
  • Open Solutions Alliance
  • OW2 Software Association
  • Palo Alto Medical Center
  • Photronics
  • Professional Coaches and Mentors Association (PCMA)
  • The Pruneyard Inn
  • Quadbase Software
  • Quail Hollow Elementary School
  • Quick Logic
  • Restaurant Hotel Research
  • Rockwell Federal Credit Union
  • Ross Stores
  • Rudolph & Sletten Construction
  • San Disk
  • San Jose First Methodist Church
  • San Jose Medical Center
  • San Jose Printing & Mailing
  • San Jose Repertory Theatre
  • San Jose Sports Hall of Fame
  • San Jose State Alumni Association
  • San Jose Symphony Orchestra
  • The Santa Clara County Hotel Association
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties
  • Selectron Manufacturing
  • SEMI
  • Silicon Valley ESD Society
  • Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center
  • SJ Amoroso Construction
  • SMART Memory Systems
  • Sonitrol Security
  • Spaulding Communications
  • St. Matthew's Music Guild
  • Sub-Acute Hospital
  • Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce
  • Sunnyvale Medical Center
  • Sunnyvale Town Center
  • TAB Products
  • Tabard Theatre Company
  • Take Charge Financial
  • Third Street Community Center
  • The Vacation Store
  • The Warwick Regis Hotel
  • WBE Electric
  • Western Micro Technology
  • Wintle & Kane
  • Xilinx
  • Zenex

Creative Services
Henry Ruddle writes, designs, produces, prints and/or posts newsletters, direct mail, brochures, websites, identity systems, fliers, advertisements, presentations, press releases and speeches for a wide range of clients -- profit, nonprofit, not-as-profit-as-they-wanna-be, large, medium, and small. Our fees are middle-of-the-market and extremely reliable. We use flat rates such as "by the page" so that our clients do not have to watch the clock or suffer the shock of surprise from our invoices.

PRICE LIST: Turnkey or On-going Projects
All prices based on standard 8.5"x11" page size.
Printed newsletters, brochures, ads, postcards, etc.
Online newsletters, blogs, e-blasts, banner ads, websites, etc.
Level A (concept/article development, research*, 100% writing/editing, premium layout, manipulation of stock or provided images, standard photography, final art, PDF)
first page $600
pages $400
first page $500
pages $300
Level B (help with concept/article development and research*, 33-67% writing/editing, standard layout, manipulation of stock or provided images, final art, PDF)
first page $400
pages $250

first page $325
pages $250

Level C (editing, rewriting and proofreading of provided materials; standard layout; manipulation of stock or provided images; final art; PDF)
first page $300
pages $200
first page $250
pages $150

Level D (proofreading, basic layout, manipulation of provided images, final art, PDF)

first page $200
pages $125
first page $200
pages $100
Template & Training (Level A service provided in tandem with staff training to design and produce one finished edition to use as template in software of choice, and customized production manual)

first page $800
pages $600

first page $800
pages $600

Reimplementation in HTML (final PDF versions of print projects provided at no cost)

PRICE LIST: Ala Carte Services
Original Writing
Identity/Template Design
Premium Layout/Page Design
Rewriting/Editing of Provided Materials
Standard Layout
Proofreading of Provided Materials
Basic Layout
Manual Input (aka typing)
Standard Digital Photography


(credited every 4 editions)
(credited on each project)
Quarterly frequency (4x/year)
Non-profit organization (non-members of Arts Reach)
Bimonthly frequency (6x/year)
Arts Reach members


Monthly frequency (12x/year)
Monthly retainer/annual agreement
Semimonthly frequency (24x/year)
Low effort / no change pages (e.g., contact listings, advertising pages with art provided, mailing panel)


Weekly frequency (52x/year)

NOTE: When a new "look and feel" is required, we charge a one-time additional creative fee of $300 to $800 to develop one. The fee depends on the number and complexity of initial design concepts required to review and refine into the final branding and/or template.

*Research/writing -- for most writing projects, we interview 1-2 primary sources and otherwise rely on secondary sources for information. If more extensive research is required, an additional fee may apply.

Once we establish a rate with a client, we stick with it for at least a year before we review it. With the exception of a handful of extraordinary situations in the past 20 years, what we quote is what we bill. Since we have a continuing relationship with clients, our philosophy is that for every project that runs way over our time budget, there will be another project that gets done under budget. Download PDF

Hire Henry Ruddle as Your Part-Time Marketing Communications Manager

Many companies need a Marketing Communications Manager to create and/or sustain their branding, create marketing and sales materials, manage their website, place ads, send out and follow up on press releases, produce presentations, write speeches and coordinate events, but they can't justify the expense of hiring a full-time position. As a result, the critical marketing communications work either overloads other team members, costs an arm and leg being farmed out to contractors and agencies, or it just doesn't get done at all. If that situation sounds familiar, hire Henry Ruddle as your part-time Marketing Communications Manager. Henry has:

1) Managed Ruddle Creative, a small marketing communications agency, from 1988-2010.

2) Filled-in on an interim and part-time basis as Marketing Communications Manager for many clients.

3) Written and designed thousands of brochures, newsletters, websites, fliers, mailers, presentations, speeches, press releases and packages.

What makes Henry Ruddle different from any other writing or design contractor?
Henry is one of the rare writers and designers with experience managing budgets, projects and people. He takes an "owner's view" of every project, and looks for the best way to build the market and attract potential sales with the most appropriate (usually the smallest, but not always) investment of time and resources.

How much will it cost?
Henry offers competitive hourly rates and flexibility. He will work on site and/or from his office as needed. Whether you need a regular presence in the office and at meetings every week, or the need is more sporadic, Henry will work with you on the most cost-effective plan with the greatest potential for success.

Terms and Conditions

Progress Billing.
If a project is placed on "hold" or if the expected completion date is postponed more than 14 days beyond the originally planned completion date, we may choose to invoice client for the work completed as of that date.

Any and all information we acquire while producing a publication, especially information identified as "confidential," is kept in a single work folder and is shown to and/or discussed with only those within a client organization authorized to do so. When clients are in direct competition with each other, different account representatives are assigned to those clients to avoid any possibility of accidental breach of confidentiality.

Ruddle Consulting retains title to and possession of all artwork unless otherwise agreed. Once Ruddle Consulting has received payment for work performed and expenses incurred, the copyright passes to the client, who may freely modify or reproduce the work. The general practice of including "Produced by Ruddle Consulting" in the masthead of publications does not affect these rights.

Page Rate Review.
Page rates do not change so long as project requirements stay the same (reviewed job-by-job and annually). When page rates have been quoted with discounts for anticipated frequency, actual billed rates will depend on actual frequency.

Rush Fees.
We assess rush fees very rarely. Nevertheless, clients should be aware of the possibility that a rush fee may be required if an unanticipated or unusual request forces us to delay work on another project. Advance notice will be given.

Ruddle Consulting acts as a liaison with the printing and mailing vendors used by clients. We no longer broker printing and mailing services.

Unless specifically instructed to ignore them, we rely on the Random House Dictionary of the English Language and the Associated Press Style Manual as the final arbiters of all style, usage, punctuation, spelling and grammar questions.

Actual page layout will not begin on any project until all content has been created and approved. However, publication design, illustration, photography and, where appropriate, ad layout/approval will take place in advance of page layout.

Proof responsibility.
Once a client has signed off on a final proof, that client has accepted responsibility for the photographs, articles, design and layout, as well as whatever instructions regarding ink colors, paper, quantity, bindery and delivery have been indicated. We strive for high-quality, accurate publications and submit every publication to multiple quality checks and proofing rounds internally. However, these efforts are not a guarantee. The final responsibility for the end product belongs to the client.

Ruddle Consulting. will retain 5-10 samples of your publication for our own marketing purposes. Unless prohibited specifically or because of confidentiality issues, we may distribute samples or provide client names as references to prospective clients.